Mom-ing is hard

Last month I had an email come to my inbox. I was suspicious about it at first, as it referenced content that I had written. Someone is emailing me about a blog post that I wrote? Surely not. But it was legit!

Positive Health Wellness contacted me, suggesting a post of theirs that may benefit people who find my Great Freezer Meal Adventure post.

Well let’s be honest for a moment and say that I could go for any quick and easy recipe right now. The fact that this post happens to be about salmon is a bonus. My soon-to-be-9-month-old is quite the fan of salmon, and my husband and I try to include fish in our diet at least once a week.

A few from their post that caught my attention:

  1. Teriyaki Mushrooms with Salmon
  2. Sicilian Salmon with Garlic Mushrooms
  3. Roasted Salmon with Mushrooms and Potatoes

I’m in the market for more quick and easy recipes – especially recipes on a budget! Slow-Cooker recipes? Throw them at me! I haven’t used my Slow-Cooker nearly as much as I thought I would with a kid running around, and I need to change that. She’s mobile, taking steps, and climbing stairs. By the time dinner rolls around, this mom wants nothing to do with the kitchen.

9 Quick And Easy Salmon Mushroom Recipes For Your Next Dinner Plans