Meal Review: Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rice

Today I cooked up Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rice. This recipe was not one that I made during my Great Freezer Meal Adventure, but I did reference it in that post. I thought it would be fun to review the recipe.

The recipe was not the easiest to throw together. It calls for chicken, skin-on. There’s problem #1, because to buy skin-on chicken, you’re likely also buying bone-in chicken. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of slow-cooking bone-in chicken, because I wasn’t sure what that might do to the bones. I did not want to risk the chicken shredding and taking small bone fragments with it. That would not taste good.

Chicken skin is nice when it is baked and crispy. It’s not such good eats out of the crockpot.


I used carrots instead of green beans, because that’s what I had in the fridge. The flavor is a bit like roasted carrots. It’s not bad, but I’m undecided about how the flavor from the carrots blends with the flavor of the lemon.


The rice turned to mush. It’s palatable, but only just. Honestly, this turned me off of this dish more than anything.


Then there’s the lemon slices, which softened and were difficult to remove from the crockpot without incorporating into the entire dish.


I think I’ll stick to lemon pepper chicken roasted in the oven, and rice made fresh, not slow-cooked for six hours.

This recipe, unfortunately, will not be staying in my recipe binder.